Dianna Ippolito


Dianna Marianna Ippolito was born in Southern California and began traveling the world at the age of 19. In between travels, Dianna studied photography, including a stint at San Francisco’s Academy of Art. After a permanent move to Los Angeles, Dianna became involved in the world of fashion and celebrity photography, taking on freelance assignments with newspapers and local magazines.

Work experience at the American Film Institute and Director’s Guild sparked Dianna’s interest in screenwriting. After taking classes and attending numerous workshops, Dianna began an informal mentor-relationship with author Blake Snyder, known for his classic books on the art of screenwriting, shortly before his death. Blake’s inspiration remained with her, especially as she worked on the script closest to her heart, “Dear Jane.”

“Dear Jane” was inspired by the love Dianna had for the beloved film, “Gregory’s Girl” which takes place in Scotland. In 2013 Dianna signed on to co-produce and write for the television action series SAF3, filmed in South Africa, and has continued to produce and direct award-winning film projects, including her debut feature, a psychological thriller entitled Close Your Eyes.

Most recently she was a top ten winner for the Producers Guild of America “Make Your Mark” competition. Her upcoming feature film projec
ts include a Dudley Moore biopic, and a coming of age drama, Racing to the Altar.